React - Front End Web Developer



Hi there, Welcome to my portfolio.

I am a Bath based Front end developer with over 10 years experience in the industry, spread across digital agencies to SAAS companies. 

Below are the skills that I have learnt in my time:



Javascript framworks are something that really excite me, although having experience in Vue.Js and Angular. React is the top winner

Currently having 3 years experience in React I have gained heaps of knowledge in the framework and its best practises.

It feels important to me to back up my components and business logic with units tests using tools such as Jest & Enzyme


Javascript is something that I love working with but Typescript just makes it that one bit better. The enhancement of making it strongly typed and the intellisense it brings to the language is a no brainer.

I've been working with Typescript from my Angular days and was glad to use its benefits in React as well.

Styled Components

With React I have had the chance to experiment with many options for CSS, from CSS modules, SCSS, LESS and many more. However I have always come back to Styled components for its ability to work well with JS as well as CSS.

I've been using Styled Components for around 3 years for personal and work projects and have found it a great tool to work with.


My first tongues, HTML and CSS, these languages are where my love for development came from. Helping a family friend build his website to promote his business gave me a huge insight into what this industry was about.

BEM and Atomic Design principles are nice ways of breaking up css however I have more recently been using Styled components with React.

I also have experience with many CSS frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap.

Other Technologies

There are so many tools that I’ve worked with, the logos to the right are a few examples of these.

I'm a huge fan of Vercel and Next.js that I use on many of my React projects to help with performance and enabling server side rendering.

Something I am big on is testing. I want to make sure what I write is going to work how I expect it to.


Now you’ve heard about my skillset, how about finding out what I do if I’m not coding? I’m very into nature and the environment, because of this I do a lot of cycling, hiking and grow my own vegetables.

When I’m not up a mountain or growing vegetables, I love to cook for my partner and have a cheeky drink or two afterwards.

Something else I’ve put on this list is coding. It’s something that I do in my own time as well as for a living. I enjoy coding and like cycling and hiking I crave the challenges that I encounter.


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